Celebrating the Author’s Birthday with a Free eBook

My birthday is this week, and I would like to share a book I created with the help of my daughter, Lisa Arnold. She helped me create the illustrations and even gave me some ideas for the characters. This box set is a set of four books I wrote for my series, The Magical Murphy FarmFor one day (October 10, 2016) readers can download all four books in a single anthology for free.

I was inspired to write this kind of a story because I grew up in the country around farms. Members of my family worked in agriculture, so I’ve always loved the farm atmosphere. I feel there’s nothing more lovely than rows of wheat and seeing a tractor traverse a field.

With all that goes into maintaning crops in mind, I decided to add a fiction element in this farm story. I thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if farmers had a little magic help with their tasks. Enter the fairies of Lismore Baile, who reside at the setting of my story; the Murphy Farm. The result was a fun story that readers of all ages have enjoyed.

Depending on what time of year you read this book, you can find a season represented where the fairies and Brooke (their human friend) have adventures. There’s even a Christmas story at the end! Santa and Jack Frost pop in to say hello in the fourth winter book, Brooke and the Fairy Merry Christmas.

A wonderful book to read to children, this is a fantasy meets an American farm kind of book. With the setting featuring all four seasons, it’s a read you can enjoy all year around. Get to know the fairy characters in this book and be delighted. Violet and Marigold are happy to entertain you!

In addition, this book is voiced by David Zarbock so you can download and each audio book as well! Try listening to all four audio books in the car during a holiday commute. Everyone in the vehicle will be delighted!

The Magical Murphy Farm Box Set 1
The Magical Murphy Farm Box Set

This is a thoughtful story about fairies combined with the wholesome goodness of an American farm family.

Print version:

Meet Us in Ludington, Michigan September 24, 2016


Meet authors Patricia Arnold, Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold in Ludington, MI September 24, 2016!

We’ll be at the Ludington Writers book signing event on Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. at the Ludington Arts Council, 107 S Harrison St. Ludington, MI.

We also have about 200 Audible book codes to give away, so don’t miss this opportunity to download a free audio book to listen to our books in audio format. Each is narrated and produced by talented voice artists such as:

Heather Elizabeth Lynn Farrar (I am Good at Lots of Things and Do I Need a Boyfriend by Jessica Arnold)

Priscilla Finch (Strictly G.I. by Patricia Arnold)

Bill Forchion (The Book of Dreamville: Theatre of Dreams by Lisa Arnold)

Rich Grimshaw (Social Engineering Hiding in Plain Sight by Patricia Arnold)

Celia Lynn (Nobody Can Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold)

Tiffany Williams  (Mr. Woo’s Adventure by Lisa Arnold and Haley Sloan)

David Zarbock (The Magical Murphy Farm Series Books 1-4)

Purchase our coloring books for $8. These will make a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift. We have a limited quantity of coloring books to sell, so be sure to get one before they’re all gone. For those that miss getting a copy, Amazon offers two day shipping through Prime. Links to our books are available here.

I’ll also be reading an excerpt from my first self-published memoir, Strictly G.I.

We hope to see you at the event! Stop by and say hello!

More information about the Event can be found on the Ludington Writers’ Facebook Page.

BACK TO SCHOOL FREE BOOK ALERT! We’re them giving away! 8-23-16 to 8-27-16


The following Kindle books will be free starting tomorrow August 23, 2016 through August 27, 2016:

Pirate Castaways Coloring Book – Includes 1o free images to download from this website. Please visit our coloring pages to get your free pages. If the link goes to a print version, simply select the Kindle version to get your free book.

NEW! Enjoy complimentary coloring pages from our newest coloring book, Pirate Castaways, available in print.

A side note: There’s a new Amazon KDP policy for coloring books as of March 2016. Coloring books for Kindle must now have content that is interactive from within the device only. In other words, we can’t mention .pdf downloads in the eBook, but we’re offering them here.

Nobody Can Take My Happy Away

I am Good at Lots of Things

The Book of Dreamville

Mr. Woo’s Adventure

The Illuminiers

Give Friendship a Chance

Problem with Facebook

Sassy Catt Acts Bad

My Glasses

Do I Need a Boyfriend


Announcing the 4 Oak Store on Teachers Pay Teachers

We now have a store at Teachers Pay Teachers! Visit our store!

I’ve always enjoyed helping others in their learning. I’ve worked with individuals with learning disabilities and tutored non-traditional college students looking to complete their college education. As a college student I’m studied art, graphic design, history, business and computer science.

As a parent who has home schooled for years in addition to helping them with their public school learning goals, I’m pleased to share some of the same lessons I’ve designed for my own daughters through the amazing website, TeachersPayTeachers.com.

4 Oak is offering printable coloring pages, graphics for units and our new paper doll cut out activity pages!

Here is a our newest product on TeachersPayTeachers.com: An Autumn Pilgrim Paper Doll Activity!

Children will enjoy our Pilgrim Paper Dolls!
Children will enjoy our Pilgrim Paper Dolls!


Pilgrim Paper Dolls Plus Clothes and Thanksgiving Setting $2

Pilgrim Paper Dolls to Color and Cut Out

Perfect Activity for Fall and Thanksgiving Themes! This set creates many opportunities to discuss Colonial life. For example, focus on the Thanksgiving holiday items for a discussion on cornucopia, turkey or pumpkin.

Includes:11 pages to color, cut and assemble!

1 Pilgrim Boy
1 Pilgrim Girl
3 Pilgrim Girl Outfits
2 Pilgrim Boy Outfits


– Turkey
– Cornucopia
– Pumpkin
– Corn
– Corn Stalk Arrangement
– Basket of Apples

These dolls are easy to color and fun to cut out for an autumn learning activity. Print off multiple copies of the Thanksgiving theme objects to create a setting for the dolls. Surround your dolls with multiple corn stalks, pumpkins, turkey and more! A great activity that allows students to use their imagination and creativity while learning about Pilgrim Colonial life in America.

Instructions are included on each page. The dolls stand up best on thicker paper or card stock. In addition, they can be pasted onto card stock or construction paper.

These are original illustrations hand drawn by Patricia Arnold.

Just $2 for 11 Pages!

Announcing the NEW Pirate Castaways Coloring Book

Announcing our New Pirate Themed Coloring Book!

The Pirate Castaways Coloring Book is our second release in our Color by Design coloring book series. Our first book, Dream Patterns featured four different themes of original drawings by Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold to color. The Pirate Castaways Coloring Book features pirate ships, treasure, mermaids, stranded pirates and creatures of the deep, Pirate Castaways will capture your imagination! Use crayons, coloring pencils and any other media to refresh the senses and create amazing pieces to share.


Our newest coloring book is available in print so fans of coloring books everywhere can enjoy coloring the original pirate illustrations inside. We are also giving out some coloring pages in .pdf format for free on our download page.

We’re looking for venues and a little bit of shelf space to sell our coloring books. We be on the road in Michigan, so you may see us at festivals and shows selling print copies and coloring sets. We’re also interested in donating some of our coloring pages for print use at coloring events in libraries and communities everywhere. Contact us for more information.

Have a delightful spring and summer filled with colorful creative adventures! 

A side note on the Kindle digital version: Pirate Castaways was delayed due to Amazon’s (possibly new?) KDP policy for coloring books. Coloring books for Kindle must now have content that is interactive from within the device. Unfortunately, there aren’t conventional ways for independent publishers to provide for this without great time and expense. We we’re not keen on calling it a “picture eBook” or prepared to get into some in-depth programming to meet our original deadline. However, we were able to offer a digital version as a free matchbook with our print version. We are offering a free download of select pages to go with the eBook version, It can be found from our coloring book page. In the future, we’ll offer the coloring book for sale on this website in .pdf from services like Gumroad, PayPal and many more, so expect news on this soon! Be sure to order Pirate Castaways in print in the Amazon store and from book sellers everywhere!

New Coloring Book Release $5.99

The Dream Patterns Coloring Book features original illustrations by artists Patricia Arnold and Lisa Arnold.

This book will be available from most book retailers and will be priced at just $5.99 for a limited time. Coloring is a well known stress reliever for adults and it awakens creativity! It makes a thoughtful gift that can be personalized with color pencils, crayons or markers. We hope you’ll enjoy it!


Dream Patterns Coloring Book by Patricia Arnold
Dream Patterns Coloring Book by Patricia Arnold

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Being a Children’s Book Author

We’ve been writing and illustrating children’s books since 2011. We’re self taught. In four plus years we’ve learned a lot about self publishing. Creating the best books we can for children has always been our goal. We wanted to make books no one else was making at the time. Simply, books for kids by kids. For example, my daughter Jessica Arnold became an author at the age of eleven. Her book, “Nobody Can Take My Happy Away” is about bullying in school.

Every time I visit the Amazon page for her book (currently free through October 26, 2015) I smile at the reviews. Some reviews are very brief, and clearly written by children. Others are written by parents, grandparents and adults who read to children. The reviews help us improve. We gain so much from these insights.

It takes quite a bit of effort to self-publish a children’s book. There are illustrations to create, a lot of scanning to do, a story to write and the time and expense that goes into editing, publishing and promotion. Despite the hard work, all we ever imagined about writing for children is true. Self-published children’s authors are lucky people. We get to make children happy whenever we can. There is no greater reward an author can receive than the smile of a child.

Free through October 26, 2015
Download Nobody Can Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold.

Free Kindle Books Oct. 22 – Oct. 26, 2015

We are giving away eBooks for free!
Reviews are appreciated, thank you to all readers who take the time to share your thoughts!
Non-Fiction Books
FREE October 22 – October 26, 2015
Military > WWII
Stricty G.I. The WWII Letters of Cpl. Wanda M. Renn by Patricia ArnoldStrictly G.I. 








eBook: Amazon

FREE October 22 – October 26, 2015
Social Engineering: Hiding in Plain Sight by Patricia ArnoldSocialEngineering

Books for Children
Punkin Jim by Patricia Arnold
Punkin Jim
Video Game
FREE October 22 – October 26, 2015
Video Game by Jessica Arnold

Max loves games. When he hears about the Play Box, he convinces his father to buy it. The latest in video game systems, the Play Box is everything Max dreams of when it comes to gaming. Little does Max know that the Play Box does more than just play games!Written and illustrated by Jessica Arnold, Video Game has fifteen color illustrations. Jessica is the author of children’s fiction books “Nobody Can Take My Happy Away” and “I am Good at Lots of Things.” Find out if the Play Box is worthy of its $250 price tag!


Kindle Download > Hello My Name is Rose (and this is My Christmas Story)
FREE October 22 – October 26, 2015

Hello My Name is Rose (and this is my Christmas Story) by Jessica and Lisa Arnold

New 3rd Edition! “Christmas Poems and Short Stories” by Patricia Arnold has been expanded this year to include a new story from the Magical Murphy Farm series “A Fairy Merry Christmas”. Every year this Christmas Short Story and Poem Anthology is updated with new winter tales.

Kindle Download > Christmas Poems and Short Stories 2014 Edition
FREE October 22 – October 26, 2015
Christmas Anthology

An Anthology of Christmas Short Stories and Poems
Includes: The Tale of the Christmas Angel is about the mortal life of Sabrina and her gradual transformation into a Christmas Angel based on her kindness and generosity to others.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past is about a Christmas Eve “party” where the past and present meet. Young Charlie discovers there is more to the old Indiana homestead than he ever knew, and an heirloom candle lights the way.

The Red Christmas Scarf is about a plain red scarf given as a gift to a young girl from her grandmother. Although it looks like common gift, it has magical properties woven in its threads.